Partners in Your Child’s Dental Care

As a parent, you know your child best and we value your intuition and insight. We will work with you as a partner-listening to you, keeping you informed, involving you in decision making and helping you to participate in your child’s care as much as possible.

At our office, we understand the special needs that children have and strive to ease your child’s anxieties throughout their treatment. We will take extra time to explain to children what we are planning to do in age appropriate language. Our goal is to complete your child’s care while ensuring that the experience is a positive one.

In an effort to achieve these goals, we require a pre-treatment consultation to allow your child to become comfortable with our doctor, staff and office setting. Our experience has shown that this visit is key to your child having the best possible experience during their care.

Children also have special needs with regard to anesthesia. During the initial consultation visit, we will discuss all aspects of your child’s care.